secret Through the years



Secret was born March 22, 2004 and sold as a Two-Year-Old for $15,000 in the Ocala Breeders' Spring Sale.  He raced at Tampa Bay Downs the following year.

To Us

We purchased Secret in September of 2014 from Don Banks, who has remained a friend.

We purchased Secret in September of 2014, when Malia was 12.  Don Banks, his previous owner, remains a good friend.



Although not his favorite (or Malia's), Secret competed as a Hunter while in New York for two years with us.



An amazingly healthy horse, Secret has never had a serious injury or hint of colic.  He's an easy keeper, sturdy and strong.



Currently in First Place standing (as of 11/19) for 2' 3" Jumpers at SEC, Secret loves to compete... and WIN



Malia leaves for college in Virginia soon, so as hard as it is to do, we are seeking Secret's NEW HOME when the competitive season ends in December.

tolerant secret

While it's a bit embarrassing to post, one of Secret's best attributes is his way of adjusting to novice riders.  He has taught his "grandma" not only how to ride English (sort of), but also to jump up to 2'.   He truly is an Honest Boy!